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High prices are just one reason Americans spend more on healthcare than Europeans

Medical Xpress - Tue 13 Mar 18

High drug prices as well as the excessive use of imaging and surgical procedures, and excessive administrative burdens contribute the majority to America's health care overspending compared ...

Key drivers of high US healthcare spending identified

Medical Xpress - Tue 13 Mar 18

The major drivers of high healthcare costs in the U.S. appear to be higher prices for nearly everything—from physician and hospital services to diagnostic tests to pharmaceuticals—and administrative ...

U.S. health spending twice other countries' with worse results

FOXNews - Wed 14 Mar 18

The U.S. spends about twice what other high-income nations do on health care but has the lowest life expectancy and the highest infant mortality rates, a new study suggests.

U.S. health spending twice other countries' with worse results, Reuters - Tue 13 Mar 18

With healthcare, it's not what you spend but how you spend it

L.A. Times - Tue 13 Mar 18

It's no secret that the United States spends far more on healthcare than the world's other wealthy nations, yet we get far less bang for our bucks. A detailed new study examines how this came ...

Why the US spends so much on healthcare, but doesn’t get the benefits it should

ZME Science - Tue 13 Mar 18

There's a lot of bad news, but there's also some good news.

Why Does America Spend More on Health Care?

WebMD - Wed 14 Mar 18

The investigators found that the United States spends nearly twice as much of its wealth on health care -- 17.8 percent of its gross domestic product, compared with between 9.6 percent and 12.4 ...

Why Aren’t Americans Getting Good Bang For Their Buck On Health Care? Blame High Salaries And Prices

Kaiser Health News - Wed 14 Mar 18

A new study looks at why Americans are spending twice as much as other high-income countries on health care. And debunked some common myths along the way.