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Mind molding psychedelic drugs could treat depression, and other mental illnesses

Medical Xpress - Wed 13 Jun 18

It seems that psychedelics do more than simply alter perception. According to the latest research from my colleagues and me, they change the structures of neurons themselves.

Psychedelics may help your brain cells form new connections

Newscientist - Tue 12 Jun 18

LSD and other members of the psychedelic family make neurons grow more branches, potentially explaining how they might treat depression

Psychedelic drugs promote neural plasticity in rats and flies

Medical Xpress - Tue 12 Jun 18

Psychedelic drugs may have mind-altering powers in the physical sense, too. A new study, published June 12 in the journal Cell Reports, found psychedelics, specifically DOI, DMT, and LSD, can ...

Psychedelic drugs promote neural plasticity in rats and flies, ScienceDaily - Tue 12 Jun 18

Psychedelics forge connections between neurons

CandEN - Wed 13 Jun 18

Study in rats and fruit flies suggests that these drugs could inspire better, ketamine-like antidepressants

Psychedelic drugs may change the structure of brain cells

FOXNews - Wed 13 Jun 18

It's no surprise that psychedelic drugs such as LSD and ecstasy alter brain function, leading to the drugs' "trippy" effects  and possible hallucinations.

Psychedelic Drugs Change the Structure of Brain Cells

Livescience - Wed 13 Jun 18

Drugs like LSD and ecstasy might have a surprising medical benefit

Psychedelic drugs change brain cells in ways that could help fight depression, addiction and more

L.A. Times - Tue 12 Jun 18

Psychedelic drugs like LSD can change brain cells in rats and flies, making neurons more likely to branch out and connect with one another. This supports the theory that psychedelics could help ...

Psychedelics Seen Promoting Structural Neural Plasticity

MedPageToday - Tue 12 Jun 18

(MedPage Today) -- Neurite and dendritic spine growth seen in animal studies