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Wearable device promises silent-running breast-pumping

Gizmag - Fri 14 Sep 18

For nursing mothers who don't wish to be tied down to a bulky, non-portable breast pump, there are already wearable versions that can be slipped discreetly under a bra. Women's tech company ...

Elvie’s wearable breast pump promises silent, hands-free pumping

Engadget - Fri 14 Sep 18

Elvie, a company that previously released a connected kegel trainer, has developed a cordless, wearable breast pump that aims to make life a little easier for nursing mothers. Like ...

Kegel trainer startup Elvie is launching a smaller, smarter, hands-free breast pump

TechCrunch - Fri 14 Sep 18

Elvie, a Berlin-based startup known best for its connected Kegel trainer is jumping into the breast pump business with a new $480 hands-free system you can slip into your bra. Even with all ...