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Brain signature of depressed mood unveiled in new study

Medical Xpress - Thu 8 Nov 18

Most of us have had moments when we're feeling down—maybe we can't stop thinking about our worst mistakes, or our most embarrassing memories—but for some, these poor mood states can be relentless ...

Brain signature of depressed mood unveiled in new study, ScienceDaily - Thu 8 Nov 18

A better way to diagnose depression? Scientists can now 'see' mood disorders in brain signals

Daily Mail - Thu 8 Nov 18

University of California, San Francisco scientists used EEGs to monitor the way different regions of the brain 'talk' to one another and found patterns that predict depression and anxiety in ...

What Does Sadness Look Like in the Brain?

Livescience - Thu 8 Nov 18

Feelings of sadness or anxiety might be linked to increased "chitchat" between two areas of the brain

Scientists find brain signal associated with depression and anxiety

ZME Science - Thu 8 Nov 18

Zooming in on the secrets of the brain.