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New ultra-fast imaging technology with high frame rate and frame number - Tue 21 May 19

Acquiring images of ultrafast processes is a technology vitally needed for many cutting-edge physical, chemical, and biological studies. The latest research conducted by City University of Hong ...

New ultra-fast imaging technology with high frame rate and frame number, Eurekalert - Tue 21 May 19

A light pulse in slo-mo

Cosmos Magazine - Tue 21 May 19

New camera system takes four pictures every picosecond.

Scientists create the loudest possible sound

Gizmag - Sun 19 May 19

A team of scientist led by Gabriel Blaj, a staff scientist at the SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory and Stanford University, have generated what may be the loudest possible underwater ...

Focus: Longer Movies at Four Trillion Frames per Second

APS Physics - Fri 17 May 19

Author(s): Mark BuchananA new technique produces long-lasting movies of nonluminous objects with just a few hundred femtoseconds between frames.[Physics 12, 55] Published Fri May 17, 2019

Laser of sound promises to measure extremely tiny phenomena - Fri 17 May 19

Most people are familiar with optical lasers through their experience with laser pointers. But what about a laser made from sound waves?

Smartphone app that chirps in your ear could diagnose ear infections

Newscientist - Wed 15 May 19

Parents could use an app to check if their children have an ear infection. It works by making a soft chirping sound and analysing the echoes

First smartphone app that can hear ear infections in children

Medical Xpress - Wed 15 May 19

Ear infections are the most common reason that parents bring their children to a pediatrician, according to the National Institutes of Health.

First smartphone app that can hear ear infections in children, Newswise - Thu 16 May 19
First smartphone app that can hear ear infections in children, ScienceDaily - Wed 15 May 19

Extreme cold could reveal herpesvirus infection dynamics - Tue 14 May 19

The funny thing about the virus that causes chicken pox is that no one knows for sure how it or many of its herpesvirus cousins invade and infect cells. It's a bit of a problem: Without that ...

New app can hear if your child has an infected ear

ZME Science - Wed 15 May 19

It's one of the most common reason why parents visit a pediatrician.

Parents may be able to spot ear infections with a paper cone and an app

Engadget - Wed 15 May 19

Researchers are working on a smartphone app that could help diagnose ear infections. As NPR reports, the app uses the phone's microphone, its speaker and a small paper cone. In ...

Scientists Say They've Created a Smartphone App That Can Hear Ear Infections

Gizmodo - Wed 15 May 19

Wondering if your kid is dealing with an ear infection? Soon, according to researchers at the University of Washington, there’ll be an app for that. They claim to have created a simple test ...

What Does a Particle Collider Sound Like?

Gizmodo - Wed 15 May 19

Scientists explore the limits of physics by pumping energy into components of atoms, such as electrons and protons, accelerating them to nearly the speed of light, and slamming the beams of ...

Denon parent Sound United now owns Pioneer and Onkyo home audio

Engadget - Wed 15 May 19

The audio world just got noticeably smaller. Sound United, the parent company for brands like Denon, Polk Audio and Marantz, has reached a deal to buy Onkyo's home audio division, ...

Acoustic maps of Notre Dame could help recreate the cathedral’s soundscape

Ars Technica - Tue 14 May 19

Scientists took detailed acoustical measurements inside the cathedral a few years ago.

Dynetics to build 100 kW laser weapon with Lockheed and Rolls-Royce - Fri 17 May 19

Contractor beats Raytheon to seal $130M deal with US Army’s Space and Missile Command division.

App Could Spot Kids' Ear Infections

WebMD - Wed 15 May 19

Researchers studied an app that uses a smartphone's microphone and speaker and a piece of paper to detect fluid behind the eardrum.