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Insects are getting faster at developing resistance to GM crops

Cosmos Magazine - Wed 11 Oct 17

Study finds a surge of insects fighting back against insecticidal crops, but says adding non-GM plants can delay the evolution of that resistance. Tim Wallace and Elizabeth Finkel report. ...

Pest resistance to biotech crops surging - Tue 10 Oct 17

In 2016, farmers worldwide planted more than 240 million acres (98 million hectares) of genetically modified corn, cotton and soybeans that produce insect-killing proteins from the bacterium ...

Pest Resistance to Biotech Crops Surging, Laboratory Equipment - Tue 10 Oct 17
Pest resistance to biotech crops surging, Eurekalert - Tue 10 Oct 17

Surge in pest resistance is making biotech crops worldwide less effective

ZME Science - Wed 11 Oct 17

Some crops fare much better than others so there's a lot of lessons we can learn.

Pest resistance to GM Frankencrops increases five-fold

Daily Mail - Tue 10 Oct 17

Research led by the University of Arizona found it took just five years for the bugs, such as the corn earworm (pictured) to be able to shrug off the poisons produced by the GM crops . ...