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This stretchy implant could help kids avoid repeated open-heart surgeries

ScienceNews - Tue 17 Oct 17

A new type of surgical implant grows along with its recipient.

Biotech solution to heart surgery for kids

Cosmos Magazine - Tue 10 Oct 17

A prototype valve grows with the patient, so doesn’t need replacing. Andrew Masterson reports.

Meeting an unmet need: A surgical implant that grows with a child

Medical Xpress - Tue 10 Oct 17

Medical implants can save lives by correcting structural defects in the heart and other organs. But until now, the use of medical implants in children has been complicated by the fact that fixed-size ...

Scientists develop an implant that can grow with a child

Daily Mail - Tue 10 Oct 17

A team of researchers from Boston Children's Hospital and Brigham and Women's Hospital has developed a growable implant for use in a cardiac procedure called a valve annuloplasty.