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Biomarkers indicating diminished reserve of eggs not associated with reduced fertility

Medical Xpress - Tue 10 Oct 17

Among women of older reproductive age attempting to conceive naturally, biomarkers indicating diminished ovarian reserve compared with normal ovarian reserve were not associated with reduced ...

Tests showing low egg reserves not linked to infertility

FOXNews - Wed 11 Oct 17

Lab tests showing that women have low reserves of eggs in their ovaries may not necessarily mean they will struggle to get pregnant, a U.S. study suggests.

Tests showing low egg reserves not linked to infertility, Reuters - Tue 10 Oct 17

Fertility Tests May Not Gauge Biological Clock

WebMD - Tue 10 Oct 17

Doctors say age remains a better indicator of a woman's 'reproductive potential'

Ovarian reserve tests fail to predict fertility, NIH-funded study suggests

Eurekalert - Tue 10 Oct 17

Tests that estimate ovarian reserve, or the number of a woman's remaining eggs, before menopause, do not appear to predict short-term chances of conception, according to a National Institutes ...