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Study finds small differences in patient outcomes between male and female surgeons

Medical Xpress - Tue 10 Oct 17

Patients treated by female surgeons have slightly lower death rates in the first few weeks after their operation than patients treated by male surgeons, finds a study from Canada published by ...

Patients of female surgeons 12 per cent less likely to die

Daily Mail - Wed 11 Oct 17

Patients operated on by female surgeons are 12 per cent less likely to die, research from the University of Toronto has revealed. They 'take less risks' and their care is more 'patient-centred'. ...

Postoperative mortality lower among patients treated by female surgeons

Clinicaladvisor - Tue 17 Oct 17

Fewer patients treated by female surgeons died, were readmitted to the hospital, or had complications within 30 days of surgery.