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Big question for US cities: Is Amazon's HQ2 worth the price? - Wed 18 Oct 17

Dozens of cities are working frantically to land Amazon's second headquarters, raising a weighty question with no easy answer:

Big question for US cities: Is Amazon's HQ2 worth the price?, AP - Wed 18 Oct 17

Amazon will let parents hand over shopping keys to the kids - Thu 12 Oct 17

Amazon says parents can hand over the shopping keys to the kids, though they'll still have the power to put up a red light.

Amazon will let parents hand over shopping keys to the kids, USA today - Wed 11 Oct 17

Little Rock drops Amazon bid in ad: 'It's not you, it's us.'

AP - Thu 19 Oct 17

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (AP) -- Arkansas' capital city pre-emptively broke up with Amazon Thursday rather than submit a long-shot bid for the e-commerce giant's second headquarters, ...

Amazon has brought benefits - and disruption - to Seattle

AP - Wed 18 Oct 17

SEATTLE (AP) -- Memo to the many places vying for Amazon's second headquarters: It ain't all food trucks and free bananas....

Amazon announces independent teen accounts (with parental oversight)

Techspot - Thu 12 Oct 17

If you prefer to avoid handing over your credit card outright whenever your teens want or need something on Amazon, the retail giant has you covered.

Amazon lets teens shop on their own

Daily Mail - Wed 11 Oct 17

Adults can add up to four teens aged 13-17 to their account, giving them their own login information to buy things from Amazon. Parents can set spending limits, cancel orders and get notifications. ...

Amazon Lets Teens Use Their Own Accounts With Parental Consent

Ubergizmo - Wed 11 Oct 17

Amazon is now making it easier for the youngest shoppers in a family to purchase items from the world’s largest online marketplace. However, there are new parental control settings that ...

Get lost mom and dad! Amazon lets teens shop on their own

AP - Wed 11 Oct 17

NEW YORK (AP) -- Remember when your parents first let you shop at the mall by yourself? Amazon is trying to replicate that feeling for the digital generation....

Teens get their own Amazon accounts (if their parents let them)

Engadget - Wed 11 Oct 17

Amazon's terms of service state that anyone under the age of 18 can only use the service with "the involvement of a parent or guardian." Now, the online retailer is making ...

Amazon now lets teens shop with their own account, but with parental approval

The Verge - Wed 11 Oct 17

Teens with an Amazon account are about to acquire some buying power. The company announced today that kids ages 13–17 will be able to use an Amazon Household account to shop Amazon’s ...

OMG! Teens now get more freedom to shop on Amazon - CNET

CNET - Wed 11 Oct 17

The e-commerce titan creates a new program specifically for teen shoppers, ages 13 to 17.

Amazon introduces a way for teens to independently shop its site, following parents’ approval

TechCrunch - Wed 11 Oct 17

 Amazon today announced a new way for teens to shop its site independently of their parents’ accounts and place their own orders, which parents can choose to review before allowing ...

What could go wrong? Amazon is letting teenagers 13 and over shop on Amazon

Fastcompany Tech - Wed 11 Oct 17

Back in the 20th century, parents who wanted to give their teenagers a taste of freedom had to drop them off at the mall. But malls are dying now, so Amazon has a modern-day equivalent: For ...