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Gene study shows human skin tone has varied for 900,000 years

Newscientist - Thu 12 Oct 17

An analysis of genetic variation and skin pigmentation suggests that some particularly dark skin tones evolved relatively recently from paler genetic variants

How Africans evolved a palette of skin tones

Science Now - Thu 12 Oct 17

Study identifies genes responsible for diversity of human skin colors

Medical Xpress - Thu 12 Oct 17

Human populations feature a broad palette of skin tones. But until now, few genes have been shown to contribute to normal variation in skin color, and these had primarily been discovered through ...

Scientists pinpoint genes for varying skin colours

Daily Mail - Thu 12 Oct 17

Researchers from The National Human Genome Research Institute in Maryland sequenced the genomes of over 1,600 people from sub-Saharan Africa, shedding light on human evolution.

Genes responsible for diversity of human skin colors identified

ScienceDaily - Thu 12 Oct 17

A study of diverse African groups by geneticists has identified new genetic variants associated with skin pigmentation. The findings help explain the vast range of skin color on the African ...

Common genetic variants for skin colour in Indians found

The Hindu - Wed 11 Oct 17

A study of nearly 300 people living in different parts of India found that nine single-base variants (single-nucleotide polymorphisms or SNPs) account for 31% variation in the colour of the ...