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Fresh or frozen embryos equally viable in IVF

Cosmos Magazine - Wed 10 Jan 18

Australian-Vietnamese research finds no difference in pregnancy success. Andrew Masterson reports.

Frozen embryos result in just as many live births in IVF

Medical Xpress - Wed 10 Jan 18

Freezing and subsequent transfer of embryos gives infertile couples just as much of a chance of having a child as using fresh embryos for in vitro fertilization (IVF), research from Ho Chi Minh ...

Frozen embryos result in just as many live births in IVF, ScienceDaily - Thu 11 Jan 18

Thawed, fresh embryos work equally well in many women

Reuters - Wed 10 Jan 18

(Reuters Health) - - Women with infertility unrelated to a common hormonal disorder may have more options when they try in-vitro fertilization, two large new studies show.

Both Fresh, Frozen Embryos Offer Similar Chances of Baby after IVF

Laboratory Equipment - Thu 11 Jan 18

NewsFor women using in vitro fertilization to have a child, using either fresh or frozen embryos have similar success rates for most women, according to an international team of researchers.Contributed ...

Fresh, Frozen Embryos Equal in IVF (CME/CE)

MedPageToday - Wed 10 Jan 18

(MedPage Today) -- Similar live-birth rates for ovulatory women without PCOS

‘Frozen embryos are as good as fresh ones for IVF births’

The Hindu - Thu 11 Jan 18

Researchers in Vietnam and Australia track 800 women

Frozen vs. fresh embryos for IVF? Study finds little impact on fertility

Science Blog - Thu 11 Jan 18

Many women struggling to have a baby turn to in-vitro fertilization to improve their chances, and then face further uncertainty and anxiety when confronted with the decision of whether to use ...

Both fresh and frozen embryos offer similar chances of baby after IVF

Eurekalert - Wed 10 Jan 18

Researchers have found that in women who have infertility but ovulate normally, using fresh or frozen embryos for in vitro fertilization result in similar rates of live births.