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Investigation raises multiple questions over ethics of TB trial involving 2800 babies

Cosmos Magazine - Wed 10 Jan 18

Major medical journal slams Oxford University team for allegedly burying unfavourable animal test results ahead of a human clinical trial. Andrew Masterson reports.

Investigation raises concerns over poor quality, lack of regulation, and misrepresentation of animal research

Medical Xpress - Wed 10 Jan 18

An investigation published by The BMJ today has unearthed concerns about how researchers misrepresented the results of animal studies to gain funding and approval for human trials to test a ...

TB vaccine that killed monkeys given to 1,400 babies

Daily Mail - Thu 11 Jan 18

An information sheet given to the parents of the babies said the vaccine had been tested on animals and was ‘shown to be safe and effective’. But it did not mention the failed monkey trial. ...

Investigation Raises Concerns About Animal Study Misreporting

MedPageToday - Wed 10 Jan 18

(MedPage Today) -- TB vaccine debacle traced to cherry-picked results from preclinical models