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Hawaii's missile alert gaffe—why good human-machine design is critical - Wed 17 Jan 18

A ballistic missile warning alarm that was wrongly triggered in Hawaii recently rams home the importance of the way interfaces are designed to prevent such major bloopers from happening in the ...

False missile alert creates confusion for chemists in Hawaii

CandEN - Wed 17 Jan 18

Instructions to seek shelter left many wondering, where?

Terrible UI Caused Hawaii’s Missile Scare

Extremetech - Tue 16 Jan 18

The missile scare debacle in Hawaii was driven by a terrible UI, not an errant button. The FCC has launched its own investigation. The post Terrible UI Caused Hawaii’s Missile Scare appeared ...

Hawaii’s emergency alert interface looks straight out of the ’90s

TechCrunch - Tue 16 Jan 18

 No one who’s used a long-running government website expects such things to be fancy — just functional. But there’s a limit to what can be tolerated, and I believe we’ve ...

The interface to send out a missile alert in Hawaii is, as expected, quite bad

Arstechnica - Tue 16 Jan 18

The employee responsible for the alert has been temporarily reassigned.

Hawaii’s missile alert system has a confusing interface

The Verge - Tue 16 Jan 18

After the false missile alert in Hawaii on Saturday morning, a new image from government officials reveals how confusing the alert system is. Instead of pressing a button, operators ...

Hawaii missile false alarm due to badly designed user interface, reports say - Mon 15 Jan 18

Alert occurred after employer pressed button labelled ‘missile alert’, instead of the one next to it marked ‘test missile alert’A false alarm warning Hawaiians of an incoming ballistic ...

After false Hawaii missile notice, FCC launches investigation

Arstechnica - Sun 14 Jan 18

For 38 minutes, Hawaiians had little information about what kind fo threat they were facing.

FCC Investigating False Hawaii Missile Alert

Ubergizmo - Sun 14 Jan 18

Hawaii residents were taken aback yesterday when they received an emergency alert on their handsets informing them that a ballistic missile was headed for their shores. It took more than 30 ...

The FCC is investigating yesterday’s false emergency alert that terrified Hawaii

The Verge - Sun 14 Jan 18

Following yesterday’s terrifying false alarm that a missile was on its way to Hawaii, the FCC announced that it is investigating the incident, and says that Hawaiian authorities ...

FCC investigates Hawaii's false missile alert

Engadget - Sun 14 Jan 18

It's not just state officials who are investigating Hawaii's false alarm over a (thankfully non-existent) missile attack. FCC Chairman Ajit Pai has confirmed that the regulator's ...

Watch the first trailer for the next season of Hulu’s The Handmaid’s Tale

The Verge - Sun 14 Jan 18

Hulu has released its first trailer for its upcoming second season of The Handmaid’s Tale, revealing that the show will return on April 25th, and that we’ll see a bit more of ...

Hawaii Incoming Ballistic Missile Alert Was False

Ubergizmo - Sun 14 Jan 18

Many Hawaiian residents were understandably frightened yesterday when they received an emergency alert on their smartphones yesterday out of the blue notifying them that a ballistic missile ...

Hawaii missile alert on smartphones was false alarm - CNET

CNET Cutting Edge - Sat 13 Jan 18

Hawaiians got a terrifying alert on their phones and TVs Saturday. Lucky for them, the warning about an incoming missile was a mistake.

AMC has renewed The Walking Dead for a ninth season

The Verge - Sat 13 Jan 18

AMC has renewed its zombie horror show The Walking Dead for a ninth season, which will premiere later this year. While the show has seen its ratings decline in recent seasons, it ...

‘Inexcusable’ false ballistic missile alert in Hawaii was caused by human error

TechCrunch - Sat 13 Jan 18

 Hawaiian residents were briefly but intensely disturbed this morning by a state-wide alert via TV and phone warning of an incoming ballistic missile. It was, however, shortly afterwards ...

Hawaii residents received false emergency alert about an incoming missile

The Verge - Sat 13 Jan 18

Earlier today, Hawaiian residents got a disturbing alert on their phones and on television: a missile inbound island, and people should take shelter immediately. The notification ...

False alarm: Emergency alert in Hawaii claims 'missile inbound'

Engadget - Sat 13 Jan 18

A few minutes ago, phones across Hawaii received the above emergency alert about a "ballistic missile threat inbound," but according to state officials it isn't true. ...

Google is pulling addiction treatment center ads worldwide

The Verge - Sat 13 Jan 18

As addiction rates for illicit drugs has skyrocketed in the United States, many turned to Google to try and find places where they can find help — only to run into new issues. An ...

FCC chairman wants mobile alerts to be more locally targeted

Engadget - Mon 8 Jan 18

Today, FCC Chairman Ajit Pai proposed a few changes to the Wireless Emergency Alert system aimed at making it more useful and functional for local officials. While the details of the ...

How the False Hawaii Missile Warning Could Have Happened

Wired Security - Sat 13 Jan 18

And where was the federal government?