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Risk of fatal traffic crash higher during annual 4/20 cannabis celebration

Medical Xpress - Mon 12 Feb 18

Drivers in the United States are more likely to be in a fatal traffic crash during the annual April 20 cannabis celebration, according to new research from the University of British Columbia.

Risk of fatal traffic crash higher during annual 4/20 cannabis celebration, ScienceDaily - Mon 12 Feb 18

Fatal car crashes rise on 4/20, but we can’t say why

The Verge - Mon 12 Feb 18

The risk for deadly car crashes is higher on 4/20 — the unofficial holiday for cannabis culture, new research says. While the study can’t directly tie the crashes to pot use, ...

Auto crash deaths multiply after April 20 cannabis parties

Reuters - Mon 12 Feb 18

(Reuters Health) - U.S. traffic fatalities rise dramatically on the day pot smokers celebrate as “Weed Day.”

The 4/20 Effect: Pot Celebration Day Tied to Rise in Fatal Crashes

Livescience - Mon 12 Feb 18

Thousands of pot supporters mark the "high" holiday by lighting up at 4:20 p.m. But the celebration may increase the risk of fatal car crashes.

Marijuana's 4/20 holiday tied to rise in fatal car crashes

AP - Mon 12 Feb 18

CHICAGO (AP) -- Marijuana users' self-proclaimed holiday is linked with a slight increase in fatal U.S. car crashes, an analysis of 25 years of data found....

Danger posed by drivers who smoke pot on 4/20 is similar to drunk drivers on Super Bowl Sunday

L.A. Times - Mon 12 Feb 18

Here’s a pro tip from a couple of doctors: Be sure to make special plans on April 20. That date, of course, is the unofficial holiday devoted to celebrating all things marijuana. (You might ...

Driving May Be Risky Business on 4/20 Pot Holiday

WebMD - Mon 12 Feb 18

Your risk of dying in a fatal wreck increases about 12 percent on that date, comparable to the increase in traffic risk that's been observed on Super Bowl Sunday, according to the analysis of ...

April 20 Pot Holiday Linked to Spike in Fatal Car Crashes (CME/CE)

MedPageToday - Mon 12 Feb 18

(MedPage Today) -- Cannabis celebrations may be to blame, researchers say