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Light based cochlear implant restores hearing in gerbils

Medical Xpress - Thu 12 Jul 18

A team of researchers with members from a variety of institutions across Germany has developed a new type of cochlear implant—one based on light. In their paper published in the journal Science ...

Ear implant lets deaf gerbils sense sound from light signals

Newscientist - Wed 11 Jul 18

A pioneering treatment has allowed deaf gerbils to perceive light as sound, raising hope for sophisticated optogenetic implants to relieve hearing loss

Device Uses Flashes of Light to Restore Hearing

IEEE Spectrum - Wed 11 Jul 18

An optogenetic technique tested in gerbils, if it can be replicated in humans, could pave the way to better hearing aids

Light-emitting fibres overcome deafness

Cosmos Magazine - Wed 11 Jul 18

Rodent proof-of-concept points the way to promising new cochlear implant. Kimberly Riskas reports.

Groundbreaking cochlear implant lets deaf gerbils hear light

Daily Mail - Thu 12 Jul 18

Researchers from University Medical Center Gottingen, Germany developed a light-based cochlear implant for gerbils that allowed them to respond to light stimuli as they would to sound. ...

Meet the implant giving hearing loss patients access to their iPhone

Techradar - Wed 18 Jul 18

Cochlear CTO tells us how it is bringing the best of Apple devices to those with hearing difficulties