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Scared of heights? This new VR therapy could help

ScienceNews - Fri 13 Jul 18

Virtual reality may be good training ground for facing your fears in real life.

VR therapist helps patients overcome fear of heights in Oxford study

Gizmag - Thu 12 Jul 18

A new study from researchers at Oxford University has used a virtual reality-based treatment to help people overcome a clinically significant fear of heights. The VR treatment is the ...

Automated virtual reality-based psychological therapy may help reduce fear of heights

Medical Xpress - Thu 12 Jul 18

Psychological therapy delivered by a virtual reality coach can help people with a clinically diagnosed fear of heights overcome their fear, according to a randomised controlled trial of 100 ...

'Virtual reality cured my fear of heights'

BBC Technology - Mon 16 Jul 18

How Fay Nugent beat her phobia by riding Wilber the Whale through a 10-storey tower block.

Virtual reality headset could cure vertigo as technology cuts fear of heights in half

Daily Mail - Thu 12 Jul 18

Vertigo is a significant problem for one in five at some point in their lives. A paper published in the Lancet Psychiatry journal found new treatment reduced fear by an average of 68 per cent. ...

Virtual Reality Shows Promise as Acrophobia Treatment (CME/CE)

MedPageToday - Wed 11 Jul 18

(MedPage Today) -- No-therapist-needed program reduced fear of heights in trial