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Image of the Day: Fat Friendly

The Scientist - Fri 13 Jul 18

The oldest-known ice mummy consumed high amounts of fat.

Iceman's last meal was high-fat, high-calorie feast

BBC News - Thu 12 Jul 18

Mountain goat, red deer, cereal grains and a toxic fern: What our ancestors ate 5,000 years ago.

The original Paleo Diet: Ancient Iceman's stomach contents reveal last meal

Gizmag - Thu 12 Jul 18

In 1991, a pair of German tourists stumbled onto the remarkably well-preserved corpse of a man, frozen in the ice of the Eastern Italian Alps. The body turned out to be 5,300 years old, ...

Ötzi loaded up on fatty food before he died

ScienceNews - Thu 12 Jul 18

A new analysis provides a complete picture of what was in Ötzi the Iceman’s stomach when he died.

Ötzi the Iceman enjoyed a very high-fat diet

Cosmos Magazine - Thu 12 Jul 18

Stomach contents analysis of 5300-year-old mummified man reveals a heavy preference for red meat. Jeff Glorfeld reports.

5,300-year-old Iceman's last meal reveals remarkably high-fat diet - Thu 12 Jul 18

In 1991, German tourists discovered, in the Eastern Italian Alps, a human body that was later determined to be the oldest naturally preserved ice mummy, known as Otzi or the Iceman. Now, researchers ...

Ötzi the Iceman’s last meal shows how Copper Age people ate on the run

Arstechnica - Fri 13 Jul 18

Archaeologists analyzed the mummified man's last meal down to the DNA level.

What Ötzi the Iceman ate before he was murdered

FOXNews - Fri 13 Jul 18

A mere 2 hours before his grisly murder about 5,300 years ago, Ötzi the iceman chowed down on some mouthwatering morsels: wild meat from ibex and red deer, cereals from einkorn wheat and — ...

Last meal of ancient 'Iceman' revealed

FOXNews - Thu 12 Jul 18

Scientists studying the body of Oetzi the Iceman — a hunter who died in the Alps 5,300 years ago — found that his last meal was particularly well-balanced.

5,300-year-old iceman's mummified stomach has traces of a high-fat dinner of goat and red deer meat

Daily Mail - Thu 12 Jul 18

Ötzi the iceman, who lived in northern Italy 5,300 years ago, died with a stomach full of red deer and ibex meet, as scientists discovered he had a surprisingly high-fat diet.

Last Meal of the Iceman, Mere Hours Before His Slaying

Laboratory Equipment - Tue 17 Jul 18

NewsThe legendary remains of Ötzi the Iceman, found in the Alps some 5,300 years after his homicide, have now yielded some of his dietary habits, including the regular intake of a poisonous ...

5,300-year-old iceman's last meal was remarkably high in fat

UPI - Fri 13 Jul 18

The oldest naturally preserved ice mummy ate a last meal extremely high in fat content, scientists have discovered.

Fatty Fare a Fave for 'Otzi the Iceman'

WebMD - Thu 12 Jul 18

The wild meat consumed by Otzi was eaten fresh or perhaps dried. The presence of toxic bracken particles could be due to Otzi taking bracken as a way to treat intestinal problems caused by parasites, ...