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How worried should you be about a new ‘superbug’ STI?

Newscientist - Thu 12 Jul 18

You’ve probably never heard of Mycoplasma genitalium, even though it’s one of the most prevalent. Here’s what you need to know

You've Probably Never Heard of This STD. It Could Become the Next Superbug.

Livescience - Thu 12 Jul 18

Doctors in the United Kingdom are warning that a sexually transmitted infection called Mycoplasma genitalium could become a "superbug."

How this stealth STD could become the next superbug

FOXNews - Thu 12 Jul 18

A little-known, sometimes symptomless sexually transmitted disease is set to be the next superbug within a decade — if people don’t wise up about their sex lives, experts are warning.