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Jury Finds Monsanto’s Roundup Responsible for Man’s Cancer

The Scientist - 13 hours ago

A San Francisco court levels $289 Million in damages against the pesticide maker.

Five things to know about Bayer and Monsanto - 22 hours ago

A cancer victim's surprise court victory over US pesticide maker Monsanto could open the floodgates to a slew of similar lawsuits, potentially leaving the firm's new German owner with a major ...

Bayer shares plunge after Monsanto cancer ruling - Mon 13 Aug 18

Shares in German chemicals and pharmaceuticals giant Bayer tumbled more than 10 percent as markets opened Monday, as investors reacted to a shock US ruling against freshly-acquired Monsanto.

Glyphosate under fire from San Francisco to Sri Lanka - Sat 11 Aug 18

Glyphosate, the world's most widely used herbicide and the active ingredient in Monsanto's weedkiller Roundup, is the subject of fierce controversy all across the globe and is classified by ...

Monsanto owners call weed killer 'safe' after jury orders big payout - Sat 11 Aug 18

Monsanto's German owners insisted Saturday that the weed killer Roundup was "safe", rejecting a California jury's decision to order the chemical giant to pay nearly $290 million for failing ...

Weedkiller glyphosate 'doesn't cause cancer' - Bayer

BBC News - Sat 11 Aug 18

The new owner of the Monsanto group insists glyphosate use is safe despite a cancer payout.

US jury orders Monsanto to pay $290mn to cancer patient over weed killer - Sat 11 Aug 18

A California jury ordered chemical giant Monsanto to pay nearly $290 million Friday for failing to warn a dying groundskeeper that its weed killer Roundup might cause cancer.

US giant Monsanto known for controversial chemicals - Sat 11 Aug 18

From "Agent Orange" and DDT to genetically modified crops, Monsanto has long been associated with controversial chemicals, but a US court order for it to pay damages because one of its herbicides ...

Monsanto ordered to pay $289m damages to cancer victim

BBC News - Fri 10 Aug 18

In a landmark case, a jury in California finds that the company knew its weedkillers were dangerous.

Brazil wrestles with ban of controversial weed killer - Thu 9 Aug 18

Brazil's government is contesting a court suspension of licenses for products with glyphosate, one of the most common industrial weedkillers and the subject of a high-profile US case against ...

Dying groundskeeper battles chemical giant Monsanto - Wed 8 Aug 18

Cancer-stricken Dewayne Johnson vowed to fight to his death in a David versus Goliath court battle against agrochemical giant Monsanto, whose weed killer he blames for robbing him of his future.

Jurors mull 'day of reckoning' in Roundup cancer trial - Wed 8 Aug 18

The lawyer for a California groundskeeper dying of cancer urged jurors Tuesday to make Monsanto pay hundreds of millions of dollars for failing to warn about the health risks of weed killer ...

Jury finds Monsanto liable in the first Roundup cancer trial – here’s what could happen next

ZME Science - 19 hours ago

A jury in San Francisco concluded that exposure to Roundup, Monsanto’s widely used herbicide, caused cancer and ordered the company to pay US$289 million in damages.

Australia's Nufarm shares plunge 17 percent after Monsanto weedkiller cancer finding

Reuters - Mon 13 Aug 18

A Californian court finding that a Monsanto weedkiller caused cancer in a school groundskeeper sent shares in an Australian maker of a similar product, Nufarm Ltd, tumbling almost 17 percent ...

Lawsuit brings $289 million verdict against maker of Roundup weed killer

Ars Technica - Sat 11 Aug 18

Jury finds fault with herbicide manufacturer despite lack of scientific evidence.

Monsanto ordered to pay $289 million in world's first Roundup cancer trial

Reuters - Fri 10 Aug 18

A California jury on Friday found Monsanto liable in a lawsuit filed by a man who alleged the company's glyphosate-based weed-killers, including Roundup, caused his cancer and ordered the company ...

Monsanto ordered to pay $289 million in California Roundup cancer trial, Reuters - Fri 10 Aug 18

Monsanto Found Guilty in Landmark Cancer Case Trial

KQED Science - Fri 10 Aug 18

The closely watched trial is the first such case in which a jury will be hearing scientific arguments from both sides to determine whether a Bay Area man contracted cancer from using weed killer ...

First trial alleging Monsanto's Roundup causes cancer goes to jury

Reuters - Tue 7 Aug 18

A trial in which a school groundskeeper alleged that his use of Monsanto's Roundup weed killer caused his terminal cancer will go to a California jury after lawyers for both sides delivered ...

Jury Awards Man With Terminal Cancer $289M In Suit Against Company That Makes Weedkiller Roundup

Kaiser Health News - 21 hours ago

Dewayne Johnson, 46, is a groundskeeper who used the products during his job. The jury found that Monsanto had failed to warn Johnson of the cancer risks posed by its weedkillers.