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Decisions recruiting gut feelings seen as reflection of true self, more assuredly held, study says

Medical Xpress - Mon 10 Sep 18

Why do some people trust their gut instincts over logic? It could be that they see those snap decisions as a more accurate reflection of their true selves and therefore are more likely to hold ...

In gut we trust when it comes to choices, ScienceDaily - Mon 10 Sep 18
In gut we trust when it comes to choices, Eurekalert - Mon 10 Sep 18

When You Go with Your Gut, You Feel Like You

Livescience - Mon 10 Sep 18

Going with your gut might make you feel like your "true self" made the choice.

Why you trust your gut instinct over logic

Daily Mail - Mon 10 Sep 18

Scientists at the University of Toronto Scarborough said while gut decisions come with several benefits, it can make us stubborn and unhappy to accept when we are wrong. (Stock image) ...

Going with your gut leads to more personal and certain decisions

ZME Science - Mon 10 Sep 18

Intuitive decision-making gives the impression that we own our choices.