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Gene Mutation Made Our Ancestors Better Long Distance Runners

Discover Magazine - Tue 11 Sep 18

Humans aren’t as strong as lions, can’t run as fast as cheetahs and don’t see as well as owls. But there is one thing we are pretty good at: endurance running. Between 2 and 3 million ...

A single gene mutation may have helped humans become optimal long-distance runners - Tue 11 Sep 18

Two to three million years ago, the functional loss of a single gene triggered a series of significant changes in what would eventually become the modern human species, altering everything from ...

A Single Gene Mutation May Have Helped Humans Become Optimal Long-Distance Runners, Science Blog - Thu 13 Sep 18

One broken gene made us very good runners

ZME Science - Wed 12 Sep 18

A genetic fluke two to three million years ago turned humans into the best endurance runners around.

Single gene mutation helped humans become long distance runners

Daily Mail - Wed 12 Sep 18

A mutation linked to the lack of a gene called CMAH lines up with the emergence of several key changes in human ancestors’ bodies, such as long legs and more powerful gluteal muscles. ...