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Study shows BPA substitutes may cause same health issues as the original

Medical Xpress - Fri 14 Sep 18

The credibility of scientific findings hinges on their reproducibility. As a scientist, it is therefore disastrous when you are unable to replicate your own findings. Our laboratory has found ...

BPA and Its Replacements Have Same Effects on Mice

The Scientist - Thu 13 Sep 18

The plastic ingredients BPS and diphenyl sulfone cause chromosomal abnormalities, and the effects can last for generations.

BPA Replacements Harm Reproductive Health in Mice

Discover Magazine - Thu 13 Sep 18

Twenty years ago, Patricia Hunt, a reproductive biologist at Washington State University in Pullman, revealed bisphenol A, a chemical in plastic, caused reproductive problems in mice. Soon “BPA” ...

BPA-free plastics seem to disrupt sperm and egg development in mice

Newscientist - Thu 13 Sep 18

We are starting to replace harmful BPA in plastic bottles and food containers, but alternative chemicals might be just as bad

BPA replacements in plastics cause reproductive problems in lab mice

Medical Xpress - Thu 13 Sep 18

Twenty years ago, researchers made the accidental discovery that the now infamous plastics ingredient known as bisphenol A or BPA had inadvertently leached out of plastic cages used to house ...

BPA Substitutes May Cause Same Issues as the Original

Laboratory Equipment - Fri 14 Sep 18

NewsBisphenol A, or BPA, is a man-made chemical that has become a household word. It is a plasticizer used in such a wide range of consumer products that daily exposure is inevitable.Contributed ...

New plastics causing reproductive woes of old plastics

Science Blog - Thu 13 Sep 18

Washington State University researchers have found that plastic products meant to replace the chemical bisphenol A, or BPA, are also causing genetic abnormalities in mice. The discovery is ...